Cold & Flu

What to do if you have the infection:

  • Rest: your immune system by maintaining a healthy diet and keeping your immune system at rest.
  • Drink plenty of plain water (with lemon and honey or other natural flavor)to help your body flush the infection from the body.
  • Visit your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms during the course of your treatment.

Influenza like symptoms

  • Pressure and pain in the stomach
  • Sore throat
  • Stuffy nose
  • Watery eye

How to prevent flu like symptoms:

  • In this situation, keeping your immune system in good health is key. You must keep it strong to be able to cope with the conditions that often come with flu, and to be able to prevent any problems from occurring.
  • Keep your immune system at its best by regularly getting a flu shot every year. Also try to get your flu in the early stages, before it can truly be too severe. The early warning signs include:
  • Develop a red, dry and slightly yellowish coat on the skin. This may stay for one or two days and then it will wash away.

Any of the symptoms may lead to a secondary bacterial infection which can cause a short term or long term problem. Avoid the contact sports as much as possible, as they put a strain on your immune system. And always wash your hands thoroughly when you are not touching your face.


Antibiotics are not usually needed. Usually, the body will be able to cure itself. But, if the symptoms persist then they are a little bit serious and you should consult your doctor. There are certain serious infections such as Profuse or Chronic type diabetes that can make your insulin or blood sugar levels unstable. But these are rare and not caused by a lack of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Natural Remedies:

  • You are probably wondering whether you can apply natural remedies and perhaps you’ve never heard of them? They’re not a new fad, but they’re becoming more popular every day. There are a few readily available herbal remedies, but some are little more expensive and come with a few side effects.
  • Simply stated, natural remedies are plants, minerals and vitamins taken by mouth. They cannot be patented or produced commercially. Most herbs can be grown in your garden successfully. When choosing an herbal ointment you should check the Journal of the American Medical Association, the University of Maryland Medical Center and the Mayo Clinic. Most herbs are locally native to the area.
  • Exercise regulary.

Many medications can be taken at the same time. When you choose to take one you will discover it can alleviate symptoms. Allergy needs to be assessed by a doctor before trying any allergy medication. There are some great products to prevent the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Flonase is a great medication to prevent throat infection and treat the symptom of runny nose. For runny nose you can use one of the over the counter decongestants but Flonase has warning color and odor delaying medication. For congestion topicals you can take some but Dr. Brideau discourages because they irritate the stomach lining.

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