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New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Cell Phone

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New NEW SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 4 Cell Phone

  • FLEX MODE: Free up your hands with Flex Mode on the Galaxy Z Fold4; This smartphone stands on its own so you can take notes during a conference call or follow along with instructional videos in real time
  • HANDS FREE VIDEO: Don’t stay stuck to your cellphone; Set up your phone in Flex Mode and check off your to-dos while catching up with friends; Hands-free video chat lets you multitask and move freely while staying in frame
  • MULTI-VIEW WINDOW: Easily attend a virtual work meeting and capture important notes at the same time, or catch up on your favorite shows as you answer texts; With multiple windows, doing different tasks is easy with Galaxy Z Fold4
  • S PEN READY: Transform your Galaxy Z Fold4 into a multifunctional device with S Pen;* It gives you that pen-on-paper feeling and makes it easy to take notes while attending virtual meetings, drag and drop** content, and get more done
  • YOUR APPS, YOUR WAY: App display optimization allows you to customize how you see apps on the edge-to-edge screen of Galaxy Z Fold4; Also, use multiple apps to their full potential by dragging and dropping** content from one window to the other
  • YOUR PHONE & WATCH WORK AS ONE: Unfold the possibilities of your Galaxy Z Fold4 connected to your Galaxy Watch; Use your Watch to snap hands-free selfies with Flex Mode; Plus, keep track of your day by easily switching between your Galaxy Watch and phone
  • BIG SCREEN, BIG SOUND: Need to head out while you’re in the middle of your favorite podcast? Slide Galaxy Z Fold4 into your pocket and keep listening with your Galaxy Buds; Unfold connectivity with your smart phone and Buds working together
  • Multiple apps can be  run side-by-side, for example. I can sit outdoors and watch TV with a larger screen than I usually have in my pocket.
  • The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is also the first device with Android 12L, a special version of Android created by Google for large-screen devices. It makes multitasking with three..
  • The Z Fold 4 comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable, but it doesn’t come with a wall plug. you need at least a 25-watt charger to fast charge. It’s also compatible with wireless charging..

  • You can buy at Amazon(USA), Amazon(Australia) ,   eBay.

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