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Dr. Nerida's Skin Aid: a wonderful skin repair remedy

Dr. Nerida's Skin Aid belongs in your home. It’s a simple skin repair solution for your family’s everyday skin ailments, such as rashes, blemishes and fungal infections.

It may assist with acute conditions and is known to help with the discomfort of shingles, wounds and surgery pain.

What about challenging conditions? Yes, Dr. Nerida's Skin Aid may assist with complaints like herpes simplex and genitalis, neuropathic pain, and joint pain.

This revolutionary ointment has been wholly researched, developed and manufactured in Australia by an Australian Naturopathic Practitioner with 40 years’ experience.

Dr. Nerida's Skin Aid  is suitable for almost any skin type and condition! Our philosophy is ‘Let nature and your body heal itself’. Using Australian oils, plants, probiotics and homeopathic medicines, Kaya’s Aid gives your skin and body the best chance of full recovery.

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