600m made in China handheld golf laser range finder – ANZ NATURAL HEALTH

600m made in China handheld golf laser range finder


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Products Appearance

 Products Appearance

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Objective Lens Eyepiece
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Technical Parameters

 Technical Parameters

The Main Technical Index: Details:
Wavelength:  905nm 
Max Ranging Distance: 5 - 600m, 800m, 1000m(options)
Ranging Method Semiconductor laser ranging (no harm to the human eye)
Ranging Error  ± 0.3m ± 0.1 %,resolution 0.1m
Ranging Display Mode LCD display in the field of view/Eyepiece
Effective Objective Lens Diameter 20mm
Magnification 5.8 (6.8) x
Field of View 5.6 (4.95) x
Focus Way Eyepiece focus in manually
Measuring Height and Angle ± 90 °
Objective Diameter 25mm
Outlet Diameter 3.8mm (4.1)
Exit Distance 12mm
Focus Mode Eyepiece focusing
Ranging of Vision 122m/1000m
Lens Coating Multi-layer coating
Ranging Mode RAIN; RELF; >150; no display is standard mode.
Min Ranging Distance 1m
Distance Resolution 1m
Power supply 3V 
Working Temperature: -10℃ - +50℃
Dimensions 38x74x104mm
Weight 130g (not including battery)
Function 7 Mode: Ranging, Speed, Angle, Parabola, Horizontal, Vertical, Continuous Measure.
Products Features

 Products Features

1.0 Design


1. High Accuracy: ±0.3m accuracy, 0.1m resolution for measurement.
2. High Resolution: 6X Eyepiece with high resolution, easy to adjust the focal length of the eyepiece, get a clearer field of view.
3. Logo Customized is available.
4. ABS Material with Various Painting, eco-friendly, portable, lightweight.
5. Color Customized: Army Green, Pearl White, Matte Black, Red, Blue, Navy, Light Black, Yellow, Brown, Grey, Camouflage, Color as your requirement.
6. Battery: 1pc 3V CR2, convenient to replace and take out, 20s auto shutdown when not in use, Low power consumption, and long service life.

7. MODE: 7 MODE easy to switch, measuring distance, speed, angle, etc.

2.0 Range & Accuracy


1. Range:
600m, 800m,1000m(Options)

2. Applications:

Hunting, Golf, Shooting, Speed measure, Terrain, Geophysics, Mining, Oil field, Ports, Railway stations, Airports, City buildings, Roads, Water conservancy project, Transmission line survey, Tracking moving targets, Vehicle automatic control, Automobile safety alarm, Industrial control.

3. Accuracy:

Accuracy: ±0.3m, Resolution: ±0.1m
Target: For Human, Vehicle, Building, Tower, Bridge, UAV

Unit: Meter and Yard switches

3.0 Seven Modes Exchange

7 Modes:

 Single Measurement 1- 4

Mode 1: Measuring Distance & Angle
Mode 2: Measuring

Distance & Horizontal & Vertical
Mode 3: Measuring Distance & Parabola & Angle
Mode 4: Measuring Speed

Continuous Measurement: 1Hz 

Mode 5 -7
Mode 5: Measuring Distance & Angle
Mode 6: Measuring Parabola & Angle
Mode 7: Measuring Speed

Products Application

Products Application


Products Customized

 Products Customized 

Business Cooperation

Business Cooperation 

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